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Get to Know Us and Our Philosophy


Marlena Davis,

Microbusiness Consultant & Transition Coach


I’m a Microbusiness Consultant and Transition Coach. I

help employees who have a desire to transition into entrepreneurship. In addition to assisting them with utilizing their skill sets to start home-based businesses, I also work with them on shifting their mindsets from worry and defeat, to purpose and power.

Before starting In Power CPS, I was a hybrid professional. A title given to me by the placement agencies that I worked for because the diversity of my skill set enabled me to work in various industries throughout my career. I have more than 15 years of professional experience in the public and private sector. My broad skill set includes knowledge in business administration, accounting cycle, account payables, receivables, human resources, leadership, management, process improvement, customer support, and strategic thinking.


My educational background includes an AAS in Radio Broadcasting, AA in Business Administration, BSBA (Management), and an MSA (Leadership & Management).


Reclaim Your Life.  Live In Your Power.

InPower Consulting and Professional Services, LLC specializes in working with those that have endured traumatic experiences in the workplace and who want to be free from the toxicity and narcissism that plagues many work cultures.

Who we are here for:

  • Career professionals with a desire to create a new life that allows them to live it on their terms

  • Employees who want to quit their jobs and start their own businesses

  • Micro and small business owners who need guidance with establishing the proper systems needed to operate and manage their business

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